Trial Action Jam in Denmark!

I have had a great few days in Viborg, Denmark, with the guys from They have created an incredible place to ride out here and such an inspiring community of riders. There are heaps of young riders here, completely the opposite to the UK scene. Its an inspiration and has been created by Ole Kristenson. I hope one day we will have somewhere like this in every town! It’s been so good to train and chill with my friends from the world circuit, like Abel Mustielles (World Champion), Jonas Kristiansen Danish Champion),  Joacim Nymann (Swedish Champion) and Eirik Ulltang (Norwegian Champion), just to mention a few! Seems like the Skandanavian countries are leadin the way with trials at the moment, especially with their National Champs being aired live on TV!


Such a great trio and I can’t wait to return already! Big thanks to everyone involced for making it such a good trip!