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  1. British Champion Again for 2017!

    Andrei had a great season in 2017 at the National Cup Series. Despite having a crazy schedule he managed to attend all rounds dominating the series. Andrei’s favourite round was the final round held at Shipley Glenn in Yorkshire. this was by far the hardest round for all competitors and really tested every competitor. Big thanks to BikeTrials Federation UK for their hard work on the 2017 National Cup Series. Also Owen Gawthorpe who’s is Andrei’s main show rider for his team finished in 2nd place, so a huge well done to him!


  2. 2016 British Champion!

    2016 was a very very busy year, but Andrei managed to get to 4 out of the 5 rounds of the British Championships and won them all, securing his place as the Champion 2016. Massive thanks to the sponsors for supporting him through 2016, without their input it would not be possible to sacrifice the days of shows and travel to these events. 



  3. Andrei joins the FiveTen Team!

    So for 2015 I really wanted the best footwear available. After looking around for a bit I decided that the best company would be FiveTen, as they also make the best climbing shoes. I have joined their Pro Team and will be wearing their awesome shoes all year. I’ll be riding with the Aescents found in the Yosemite range of shows, I have found these to be perfect for trials. I will also be climbing in their High Angle bouldering shoes, perfect agressive shoes for the my style of bouldering. So great to be teamed up with the best outdoor shoe company.




  4. New Sponsors for 2015!

    So 2015 I have teamed up with Saltrock Clothing. We are working on some great projects and I will be wearing their great clothes all the time. Saltrock is a great lifestyle clothing brand and create some fantastic clothes. Here is the inroductory video for Saltrock Produced with Chris Brown from In-Motion Media.




  5. Second in the European Trials Contest in Huebach, Germany.

    This year I returned to the Bike The Rock event in Germany. Last year was a great event where I managed to brake yet another Guinness World Record. This year unfortunately the weather was not good, so we couldn’t go for another record. But We did a great contest and I placed 3rd on the first day and 2nd on the second day, dropping just three points both days combined! Vincent finished the weekend on Just one point!! Next up was Hannes Herrmann on a total of 11.  We then did a great show infront of the podium for the crowd. Its such a great event and one of the best crowds I get to ride infront of each year. Huge thanks to the organisers for putting this event together!


    bike the rock

    Here is a video of the world record from 2014:

  6. Ninja Worrior UK – through to Semi-finals!

    So to do something a little different, I decided to do Ninja Worrior UK! I’ve always watched the american and Japanese conests and wanted to try it out! i managed to get through the heats without too many dramas so next up is the Semi-finals! Tune in to ITV 1 at 7pm on May 16th to se how I get on trying the toughest obstacle course in the world!


  7. First Round of the British Chmapionships!

    So the first round of the National Trials Cup has come and gone, held at Hook Woods Trials Centre in Surrey on the 12th April. It was a really great event and we were so lucky with the weather. Dispite being really tired and a little ill, I managed to get a solid second place. In First was curreent world cup leader and world champion Jack Carthy on 0 penalty points, followed by myself on 6 points and in third place was Sam Oliver who had a solid ride with 33 points. Thats really good going for sam as he was the only 20″ rider in the Elite category. Well done to all competitior and the organisers for setting up a great event.


  8. Trial Action Jam in Denmark!

    I have had a great few days in Viborg, Denmark, with the guys from They have created an incredible place to ride out here and such an inspiring community of riders. There are heaps of young riders here, completely the opposite to the UK scene. Its an inspiration and has been created by Ole Kristenson. I hope one day we will have somewhere like this in every town! It’s been so good to train and chill with my friends from the world circuit, like Abel Mustielles (World Champion), Jonas Kristiansen Danish Champion),  Joacim Nymann (Swedish Champion) and Eirik Ulltang (Norwegian Champion), just to mention a few! Seems like the Skandanavian countries are leadin the way with trials at the moment, especially with their National Champs being aired live on TV!


    Such a great trio and I can’t wait to return already! Big thanks to everyone involced for making it such a good trip!







  9. Ride London 2014

    So in 2014, probably the biggest, hardest  longest most challenging and rewarding weekend was in August for the Prudential Ride London world record day. We custom built a full course of sections and specially built a load of euipment to break 8 world records! We achieved 7 in the end and all walked away with world records. We had arguably the best 6 trials riders in the world there and it was such a great event. The wether for the record day was superb and the crowds were really into the event and got behind us. Check out the videos below for a low down on the event.

  10. 2014 World Champs, Norway.

    So, the 2014 World Champsin Lillehammer were pretty awesome. The event team did a great job in producing some really fun and challenging sections. It definately wasn’t my best event of the year, placing 9th place in the 26″ category and 13th in the 20″ category. Unfortunately I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered concussion and a bad head injury the day before I flew to Norway. I could barely put my helmet onn for the first few days. But I had an awesome trip and learnt allot from this year. Next year I will make sure I have the week before the worlds to rest and not let some stupid drunk guy ruin my year! I also got to catch up with my new team mate Thomas Remvik Aasen, or TRA for short. He is one of, if not the most, powerful riders in the world. He isn’t really into the competition scene as its too much cardio for him! haha. But its was great to get a couple days riding in with him. He is also a top photographer, so we did a few shots by the river and below a huge dam. The results speak for themselves, check them out below……

     norway 2

    norway 3

    norway 4

    norway 5

    norway 6

    norway 7

    norway 8

    norway 9