Ride London 2017 is a HUGE success!

For four years now Andrei has organised one of the best competitions on the world calendar. Each year he invites 10 of the very best riders from around the world to compete on his custom designed course in Green Park, Central London, as part of Prudential Ride London. Ride London is the largest cycling event on the planet, with over 100,000 people riding bikes over the weekend. For the past two years it has been sponsored by Buxton Water who have had a huge impact on the event. We built the course to mimic Buxton Village itself. We also included a photo opportunity where the public could take photos of themselves on a fixed trials bike, so it looked like they were riding the course with the pro’s! 2017 saw a great list of riders from 6 counties around the world compete. Check out the images below for a run down of the weekend. 

Podium at Ride London 2017:

1st    Rick Koekoek – Holland

2nd  Andrei Burton – UK

3rd  Zhao Zhaoxuan – China

4th  Kenny Beleay – Belgium

5th   Owen Gawthorpe – UK

6th   Jerome Chapius – Switzerland

7th   Lazlo Hegedus – Hungary

8th   Jeff Anderson – Canada

9th   Huang Wuyu – China

10th Jack Carthy DNS – UK