2014 World Champs, Norway.

So, the 2014 World Champsin Lillehammer were pretty awesome. The event team did a great job in producing some really fun and challenging sections. It definately wasn’t my best event of the year, placing 9th place in the 26″ category and 13th in the 20″ category. Unfortunately I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered concussion and a bad head injury the day before I flew to Norway. I could barely put my helmet onn for the first few days. But I had an awesome trip and learnt allot from this year. Next year I will make sure I have the week before the worlds to rest and not let some stupid drunk guy ruin my year! I also got to catch up with my new team mate Thomas Remvik Aasen, or TRA for short. He is one of, if not the most, powerful riders in the world. He isn’t really into the competition scene as its too much cardio for him! haha. But its was great to get a couple days riding in with him. He is also a top photographer, so we did a few shots by the river and below a huge dam. The results speak for themselves, check them out below……

 norway 2

norway 3

norway 4

norway 5

norway 6

norway 7

norway 8

norway 9