Top Gear Live Belgium!

On Sunday 28th April I was in Antwerp in Belgium with the Top Gear Live team again. This time in a bigger arena with 12,000 people watching each show! The shows were packed out and the atmosphere was electric. I had a slightly tougher entrance into the arena, heading down through the audience and then over a barrier where the stairs were just 2 feet wide (with members of the audience inches from me) – getting onto the rail and into the arena was a bit tricky! In the first show I nearly missed the toughest move onto the roof of one of the vans. The audience gasped as I nearly fell but then I managed to hold it and had a huge cheer when I made it onto on the roof of the van on my back tyre. Have to say it was one of the highlights of the weekend. It is great working with the Paul Swift Stunt Driving Team. Such professionals – they get it perfect every time. I also had a second role in the show; dressed as a centurion I drove in in a chariot that was attached to four-linked mopeds and handed it over to Jeremy Clarkson to race around in.
Looking forward to the next show already! Bring on South Africa!

Cheers, Andrei



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