RedBull Street Light Session in Bristol

RedBull Street Light Session in BristolRiding with Danny Mac, Martyn Ashton and Neil Tunnicliffe, to name a few!

I was invited to ride at the RedBull Street Light Session in Bristol on Saturday. The event is the was the idea of Legendary street rider Danny Macaskill. It wqs an event to bring together a load of different styles of riders and basically have a session on some cool obstacles. They spent a couple of days preparing and area to ride in Castle Park in Bristol’s town centre. The course was a mixture of obsticles for every level. Inbetween they ran taster sessions for public to try out some Inspired bikes and see what it is like to ride infront of a crowd. We also gave a bit of tuition for those riders that wanted it. It was a great event and a whole lot of fun. I will also be riding the next leg in Manchester on the 8th of October, so come along and have a go!