Downhill in Pra Loup

Downhill in Pra LoupAfter a busy  few days of riding trials in Pra loup, we decided to do somoething other than trials on the monday, so we hired some downhill bikes! Pra Loup has some amazing trails at the top of the mountain for down hill and free ride. So we jumped on the gondalas and headed to the top. With Rick Koekoek, Janine Jungfels, Hannes Herrmann and myself it was bound to be a good days riding. Rick took the lead for the first run, and sure enough, about a minute into the first run, he had a big crash coming off a 2 meter drop! But fortunately he was fine and carried on. We then found the bike park and hit the black Norths Shore style run. With built up wooden tracks where you need more balance and control, we were loving it! We will have the video from it up soon so will let everyone know about it, with Rick’s crash too!