Cycling Festival on the Isle of Wight

Cycling Festival on the Isle of WightTeam Rider Gary Sanderson and myself travelled over to the Isle of Wight for their Cycling festival in the wee small hours of saturday morning. Fortunately, after setting up  the weather stayed dry and at times even sunny for the show and the crowds were great. I had one of the most fun days of shows this year and ended the day with a little practice session. Although I didn’t measure it, I think I broke my personnel best in side-hopping over a bar. Gary performed really well, especially as it was his first time riding on the “big-rig”. The highlight of the day was bumping into a old trials star that put the Isle of Wight on the trials map – Neil Lemmon. When I had just started riding trials, Neil was at the top of the game. It was great that he turned up for the shows on his new trials bike and even had a go on the rig! We also had a few other rider’s turn up and help out in the show. So big thanks to them for coming along.