7th at the UCI Trials World cup in Germany!


So, it was a massively wet competition to start the international season off! As I didnt compete last year, except for the World Championships in Switzerland, I started off as number 28, so had to ride qualification round. Only the top 15 rider qualify and go through to the semi-finals where they compete against the top 10 seeded riders. I was quite happy with my result in the qualifying as the sections were challenging and the weather made it really tough. I placed 2nd just behind previous world champion Vincent Hermance, just 4 points separating us. I was also happy that my second lap was the best lap of anyone competing. This secured my place in the semi-finals.

For the semi-finals the sections were much harder and its always much more challenging having the other top 10 riders against you. Despite having some very silly mistakes and getting 5’s instead of cleans, I still qualified 7th on the same points as Giacamo coustellier from france and just ahead of Jack Carthy, the current UK champion. To make the final was great, not many riders ever get to compete in a world cup final despite training for many years.

The final was just a few hours after the semi-finals had finished, so with a quick check over the bike and some food, it was straight back to warm up again. The sections were proving very difficult for the 20″ class and Benito ross finished in 1st place on 48 marks out of a possible 60! which shows the crazy level of the competition. The organisers eased the secations off slightly for the 26″, but it was still a mixture of near impossible moves in not only challenging but very dangerous and upredictable conditions. in some sections the wheels locked up all togther with mud! Gilles Coustellier decided half way round the second lap to retire from the competition in protest of the sections. This was a feeling strongly felt by all riders.

So overall, I placed 7th in the opening round of the World Cup and I look forward to the next round in Walbrzych, Poland in about a month.

Thanks to Trial Inside for the photo, and all the others that have helped this weekend! And of course a huge thanks to my sponsors Echo Trials bikes!