3sixty’s Urban Games

3sixtyAfter the Show on the saturday evening, Tim Wills and I drove all night to get to Whitley Bay, Newcastle. 3Sixty is a Trials team of some of the top and most experienced riders in the UK. They set up a competition in conjunction with the Urban Games, and event which featured many street sports that are not included in the Olympics. The guys put in a huge effort to build a great arena with huge wooden cable reels. We rode a few sessions through the day and each round had a different feature. I managed to win both the challenges set in round two. These were attempts to match current world records, actually set the day before by the team! I managed to equal both which is great! Three times World champion Jack Carthy won both the high jump competition and the long jump competition and Brett Penfold won Best trick. Also my old friend Joe Oakley (Britain’s got Talent star) was competing for his first time this year after taking a year out to concentrate on shows and training. He showed he has kept well on top of his game! Unfortunately Tim had an ankle injury that stopped him riding on the Sunday. All in all it was a brilliant event and glad we made the effort to get up there!